Dear Brothers,

As we enter Penn State’s Summer Break, there is much activity at 303 Fraternity Row. The summer activity is for the many maintenance projects underway to repair and restore the physical plant of Sigma Pi Fraternity.

We launched our 2016/2017 Annual Fund on May 1, 2016 in hopes of raising the funds necessary to complete the numerous projects for repairs, restoration and to meet State College Borough Fire & Safety codes. We have sent a newsletter to all 1000 living alumni soliciting financial support for this year’s Annual Fund. With great appreciation and thanks, a number of alums have stepped forward with over $20,000 already contributed, but we need more…much more!

Someone that is very beloved by all Penn Staters, said it best in his efforts to raise money for Penn State & applies to our efforts. Joe Paterno said it with his touch of humor… yet a serious message!

“We need to raise money for a new project, it is an important undertaking and will enhance the student’s experience at Penn State. There is both good and bad news regarding this project. The good news is that we have the money! The bad news is that the money is in your pockets”…Joe Paterno.

The list of projects can only be viewed as “must be done now” for us to preserve the infrastructure of the House along with completing the required upgrades to meet the local fire & safety codes. The estimated cost of the projects is $150,000. This is above and beyond our normal operating budget which is funded by the brothers’ house bills. Our operating budget does anticipate a percentage of the house bills funds will be used for “normal” ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Our summer projects and the costs are way above and beyond our usual maintenance and repairs expense. Therefore we need your help, we need your support & we need your contributions. For your review, the list of the projects and their costs are detailed on the last page. Also included is the information for making your contribution to this year’s annual fund.

If you have any questions, please contact Tony Detato, Theta Board Campaign Manager, by calling him at (814) 321-4340 or email at Tony has been spending significant time on-site with the local contractors assessing the property and physical plant as well reviewing quotes and scheduling the work.

You can make your 2016/2017 Annual Fund contribution by either writing a check or click this link to make an on-line credit card contribution today. Checks are payable to Theta Building Association & mailed to Sigma Pi Fraternity, C/O Thompson “AJ” Harner, PO Box 937, State College, PA 16804-0937.

Should you be in the financial positon to make a major contribution in excess of $5,000, a special tax deductible fund has been established. Please contact Tony Detato ’75 for details to qualify for this tax deductible contribution.

We are at a crossroads for the future of Sigma Pi to keep Penn State’s most beautiful fraternity preserved for many years to come. This campaign is specifically focused to do just that and will be successful with the great support from the Theta Chapter Alumni. Thanks in advance for your support!


Keith “Dusty” Kennedy ’86